Lotteries are hard

Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments » The man in the article didn’t strike me as particularly brilliant but rather helped underscore the difficulty of the problem at hand: creating a game with sufficiently close to zero but negative expectancy that still incorporates elements which trick 

Beauty of physics

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It’s a good thing that our brain filters out most of the details in our lives and makes them mundane, otherwise we’d be sitting around all day drooling. We need psychoactive drugs or sensory enhancement/artists to focus our brain. This 

Experts suck

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Simple linear models outperform experts in making predictions. Notice that the examples are mostly from the social sciences; it seems they have yet to learn a lesson that hard sciences learned over a hundred years ago. Potential root causes include 

Beware of stories

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The best heuristic I’ve ever heard to make better real-world decisions, just watch: A link to Tyler’s blog is on the right…

Humans walk in circles

Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments » I learned about this before from the Herzog film Encounters at the End of the World (recommended) where they show how in a blizzard it is very difficult to navigate since without visual cues humans will walk in circles. 

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