Diet sense

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A pretty good overview of paleo nonsense ends with a good summary of what science can agree on at this point: Having talked to all of these people and read their work, here is how I walk away from this. Oxidative 

Computational transcession

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A very interesting potential solution to the Fermi paradox which turns the Kardashev scale on it’s head. It suggests that intelligent lifeforms will have a tendency to evolve and expand inwards rather than outwards. It seems like this balances on 

Bayesianism and Ethics

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In an Aeon article from last year, David Deutsch seems to be taking a dim view of Bayesianism as a core component of an AGI: The doctrine assumes that minds work by assigning probabilities to their ideas and modifying those 

Hogs are bad

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Mike hates feral hogs, and has always found it very satisfying to clear those hideous, rooting thugs off a piece of land. He has always been good at it too — that’s why people call him Mike the Hog-a-Nator.

Eating your cousin

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The mammalian superorder Euarchontoglires split from it’s sister group into Glires (which includes rodents and rabbits) and Euarchonta (which includes primates and us) about 90 million years ago. So when you eat the nice juicy rabbit steak, you’re eating one of your furry ~9 millionth 

Flying arms

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Don’t tell the TSA or soon we’ll have robocops on every plane. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the pile of rules and regulations and start with something evidence-based? Is profiling based on appearance and race so bad (ethically? bad how?) 

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