Organizations as Organisms: Building Systems with Intention

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Back to Part 2 While individual humans seem capable of improving their abilities incrementally, both during their lifetimes (learning, building better habits, developing systems to deal with repeated situations, etc) and intergenerationally (Flynn effect?), it is not obvious that organizations 

Organizations as Organisms: DNA and Culture

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Back to Part 1 DNA and epigenetic effects are important and have a large impact on one’s potential and individual abilities. However, it seems clear that intragenerational adaptation, namely learning and acting via the neocortex, is the prime determinant of what 

Organizations as Organisms: Multi-Human Collectives

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At some point on the path towards greater complexity, it becomes clear that multicellular organisms become “greater” than the sum of their parts (the individual cells). The general mechanisms and effects are clear; a combination of gains from trade due to specialization, 

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