Thinking Toys #3 — Construal Levels

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Have you been feeling a lack of direction, purpose, or a sense of progress? Try asking yourself “Why?”. Why are you doing what you are doing, what does it accomplish? And then ask “Why?” again about that, and another time 

Thinking Toys #2 — Opportunity Pointers

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Thinking Toys are mental moves that help us solve problems. They can help us get unstuck. We’d like our minds to have effortless subconscious access to these tools. However, this requires regular practice until they’re installed. Learning to drive takes a lot 

Thinking Toys #1 — Inversion

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This will take about 2 minutes and may magically solve a problem for you. Pick a problem from your life. It can be big or small, but keep it salient — what was on your mind before reading this? Take 15 seconds and load it up into your head. You’ve probably thought about it already. You’ve been trying to fix something, or make something different, or achieve some goal. You may have some sense of 

Talking past each other

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“Free speech, liberty, freedom, human rights — we need more! Also, let’s eat more bologna sandwiches!” We can probably agree on the first part but perhaps the bologna sandwich draws some protest. In fact, we don’t actually agree on the 

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