In support of Trump

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We thought we as a society had advanced beyond the beliefs and attitudes espoused by Trump and his followers — we thought that we were better. We were wrong because there is no universal we, and there probably is not 

Experience Machines

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How much do we care about the world beyond our subjective experience of it?  Robert Nozick’s Experience Machine thought experiment suggests we do seem to reject hedonism — most people care about things beyond their direct hedonic experience. A weaker 

How to steer your subconscious

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You may notice that some of your best ideas come to you in the shower, while driving, or when you’re taking a walk. You may also know that these are likely coming from parts of your brain beyond conscious access 

Open-minded Delegation

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If you’re anything like me, you love finding solutions to problems. When faced with a challenge, your mind starts racing to find potential paths to take, hypotheses to test, and solutions to build. This is exciting, but this is also 

What it means to Want

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Have you ever wondered what you truly want? In the context of the demands, distractions, and routines of daily life, it is rarely clear. One thing we are all familiar with is desire. Many times each day, we are confronted 

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