Satisfaction Levers

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I believe gnawing and uncomfortable sensations (nihilism, restlessness, etc) that one may not quite understand how to resolve are a manifestation of poorly understood desires, and there are concrete practices one can develop to help understand and resolve these sensations. 

All soup is tasty soup

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The sun is crawling its way above the horizon behind me as I wait in a queue with about a dozen other people. We assemble in front of a shipping container advertising Soup Flavored Blankets. Nothing but desert surrounds us 

In support of Trump

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We thought we as a society had advanced beyond the beliefs and attitudes espoused by Trump and his followers — we thought that we were better. We were wrong because there is no universal we, and there probably is not 

Experience Machines

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How much do we care about the world beyond our subjective experience of it?  Robert Nozick’s Experience Machine thought experiment suggests we do seem to reject hedonism — most people care about things beyond their direct hedonic experience. A weaker 

How to steer your subconscious

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You may notice that some of your best ideas come to you in the shower, while driving, or when you’re taking a walk. You may also know that these are likely coming from parts of your brain beyond conscious access 

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