The Logic of Buddhist Philosophy

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Beyond true and false provides a high level overview of non-classical logic. With origins from Buddhist philosophy, they hint at something more utilitarian than mathematical constructs. Paradox is fundamental to our model of the world. Many states can exist beyond the simple true and false. 

Old vs New, Mindfulness and Innovation

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It seems like there is an inherent calm to studying the Old. Be it an old novel, the writings of a philosopher of past eras, or an analysis of historical events. Time and psychological distance awards us a context in which 

Post-capitalism Links 7.23.2015

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Pope Francis leading a socialist revolution? The end of capitalism has begun – As the world economy becomes primarily information based, will we see reduced reliance on centralized corporate entities and monetary systems in favor of decentralized trust mechanisms and electronically 

Ethics and [Effective] Altruism Links 7.20.2015

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The Logic of Effective Altruism Catherine Tumber Responds – Parallels drawn with Carnegie are interesting. Although I think a major counterpoint here is that raw economic growth has alleviated the majority of poverty within the last 20 years alone. Other People’s 

The problem with mocking the “backwards right-wing guy”

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Obviously gay marriage is OK, and obviously racism is bad. These things seem so obvious that it’s easy to get frustrated and angry with people that disagree. How could they not see how wrong they are? Well, one’s ethical opinions (amongst other things) are predicated 

Optimization functions of firms – Benevolence vs Profit

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The space of things that corporations optimize for can be viewed as a trade-off between profitability and positive externalities, typically in the form of monetary gift and/or social impact. We tend to find firms gravitating towards one of two extremes. 

Conspicuous Corporate Altruism

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It seems that running a for-profit corporation with a large, well-publicized, altruistic component could serve as a viable competitive advantage. The economic rationale here is that altruism can be viewed as an expense with a variety of benefits: consumer mindshare, 

Demonization of consumerism

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There seems to be a general consensus within my cultural echo chamber that consumerism is objectively bad. It is easy to agree with this sentiment, but after stepping back and breaking down the concept I’m not so sure it is 

Organizations as Organisms: Building Systems with Intention

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Back to Part 2 While individual humans seem capable of improving their abilities incrementally, both during their lifetimes (learning, building better habits, developing systems to deal with repeated situations, etc) and intergenerationally (Flynn effect?), it is not obvious that organizations 

Organizations as Organisms: DNA and Culture

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Back to Part 1 DNA and epigenetic effects are important and have a large impact on one’s potential and individual abilities. However, it seems clear that intragenerational adaptation, namely learning and acting via the neocortex, is the prime determinant of what 

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