Eating your cousin

The mammalian superorder Euarchontoglires split from it’s sister group into Glires (which includes rodents and rabbits) and Euarchonta (which includes primates and us) about 90 million years ago. So when you eat the nice juicy rabbit steak, you’re eating one of your furry ~9 millionth cousins (assuming about 10 years per generation on average). Of course if you live in an African jungle and lack food sources, you may be eating monkeys who split from humans only around 5-10 million years ago, so they are you perhaps 250,000th cousin (generations probably get longer in this genus; say 20 years). During instances of cannibalism, of course, you’re likely eating a 10th or 20th cousin (assuming the cannibalism is occurring where it has in the past).

How many generations would you have to go back before reaching a common ancestor with someone/something before you’re comfortable eating them, ethically? How far back until you’re comfortable mating with them, but also how far back until you’re uncomfortable? Tricky business, this

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